2024/2025 Tuition, Fees, and Payment Plans

We know that the cost of Christian education is often a concern for families. Thankfully, due to the generosity of God’s people, we are able to offer this quality education at affordable tuition rates well below the real cost. Each family participating in Harvest Classical Academy can expect the following expenditures:

HCA Family Costs
One-Time Family Application Fee $200
Tuition See Charts
Uniforms ~$220 per student
Field Trips ~$35 per student

Tuition: Standard Collaborative

Our standard model of education is a collaborative model where Harvest Classical Academy partners closely with parents in the education of their children.

Students are given in-class instruction by HCA teachers on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and are provided with coordinated assignments to be directed by a parent at home on Tuesday and Thursday.

The following rates apply to students JK through Grade 12.
Ministry Partners of Harvest Bible Church are eligible for discounted rates. See calculator below.

Standard Tuition Cost
1 Student $5,230
2 Students $8,450
3 Students $10,000
4 Students $10,890
5 Students $11,780

Supervision Add-On

While the standard collaborative model is our ideal, we recognize that some families are not currently able to direct their children’s education on the at home days. To enable these families to participate at Harvest Classical Academy we are offering a dedicated, supervised space at Harvest on Tuesdays and Thursdays during school hours. This space is staffed by an educational supervisor who directs students to complete assignments given to them by their HCA teachers. This does not eliminate the role of the parent in the educational process but does reduce the time commitment required. This optional add-on is available for enrolled students in grades 1-12 who demonstrate a capacity to work independently.*

Supervision Add-On
1 Student $1,830
2 Students $2,960
3 Students $3,500
4 Students $3,810
5 Students $4,120

*Enrollment in this program is subject to availability and suitability.

Payment Plans

Payment can be made in one installment, two installments, or on a ten-month plan. Use our tuition calculator below to explore your options.

2024/2025 Tuition Calculator